Why Should We Join?

We are accepting new members. Complete your application as a Manufacturer or an Associate (a company working with manufacturers).


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Membership Benefits

  • Networking and relationship building with other members
  • By learning what types of industry and manufacturing operations are available in northern Michigan, we have been able to keep work local that would have otherwise been sent out in this area.
  • Ability to participate in NWMIA Workers Compensation Fund
  • Employment Hotline

Manufacturing Benefits

  • Human Resources experience
  • Safety experiences from other members – I have learned and implemented a lot of ideas taken from our meetings
  • Manufacturing members can benefit from previously unknown Associate member resources

Education Benefits

  • Sponsorship of education
  • Work with local colleges

How to Join

To become a member of the Northwest Michigan Industrial Association click on the appropriate membership application below to download and print it.

  1. Manufacturer Membership Application (PDF)

  2. Associate Membership Application (PDF)

All applications for membership will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval at the next scheduled Board of Directors meeting.

When submitting membership application please be sure to include a check made payable to Northwest Michigan Industrial Association for the annual dues for the current year.

Any applications that are not accepted for membership will have check returned to the proposed applicant.

If you have any questions please contact Chris Etienne via email at cetienne@bayharbor.com.

Thank you for your interest in the Northwest Michigan Industrial Association.